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And what was the relationship like during that first year of marriage and then trying with your husband. Atlantis påminner om Bob Dylans Time Out Of Mind; textmässigt irrar Plura runt i minnets korridorer och hittar samtidigt sina vackraste melodier någonsin. And then she kind of rounded the. Like OK when he is gone we'll try. And for us I think that does a disservice to really treating the other issues that kind of surround the experience of infertility itself.

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It's a Sunday in February when the car is stuck behind a police line blocking off the road for breast cancer parade.

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Ja du, det är punk, rock, mer pop än skrän, inte för komplicerat utan mer. Mermaids and I'm all relating and at 8am on a Sunday morning and I haven't had coffee because it's not that great for you when you're trying to get knocked up. Where do I come from and what am I creating and why do I even want a baby at a certain point. The other the timing thing that ended up we were with the embryo transfer was that it was we didn't get to time it exactly we just word they were monitoring my very closely. And I was like oh you're freaking me out because like you know clearly. So it was about two years into dealing with infertility that we finally did go and get tested. Elizabeth founded the organization back in after going through a long struggle with infertility.

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